Dr. Bill Lemoine, Personal Advisor - Principal
Dr. Bill Lemoine Personal Advisor is a small consulting firm devoted to personal counseling of our clients. We are independent of big corporate money and influence and dwell on customer needs. 
We base our counseling on the best available research and technology to help you solve your individual problem. In the past we have helped others create and write their graduate dissertation prospectus, plan and manage for financial and business success, and formulate and write a business plan. 
To get started, please email us to for a discussion of how we can help. 
We specialize in the following areas:
Masters and Doctoral Theses, Dissertations and Proposals, Reading, Editing and Research Design
Investment Management and Advanced Planning for Traders
Business Plan Writing and Taxation
We would be delighted to offer you expertise, products and services to help you achieve your personal goals.
Please email DrBillLemoine@aol.com for free interaction about your needs!
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